Full Name
Joshua Lee Grajczonek
Date of Birth
5 February 1990
Place of Birth
Kirwan, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
170 cms
60 kgs
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Mum Lisa, Dad George and 3 younger sisters Phoebe, Holly and Sophie
Townsville when im in Australia and Manchester when in the UK
BMX(ing), Motocross, riding my 50, Waterskiing, Snow skiing, Fishing, Spearfishing ! Anything for an adrenaline rush really.
Favourite Food
A nice pasta or rare steak haha!
Worst Food
Im a fussy eater but onion and all fruit are the worst ones for me
Favourite Drink
Vanilla Coke or water and for the evening Southern Comfort soda and lime
Favourite Actor
Will Ferrell
Favourite Actress
Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco are both babes
Favourite Film
Step Brothers, it never gets old
Favourite Music
I’m an easy going guy as long as there is back ground noise really.
Favourite Place
Ive been and seen a lot of countries, but when I was in Austria snow skiing it was unreal !!!
Favourite Colour
Fluro yellow
Favourite Sport
Motocross, I started out on that before switching to speedway
Current Clubs
Poole Pirates
Orzel Lodz (Poland)
Previous Clubs
Belle Vue Aces
Glasgow Tigers
Sheffield Tigers
Somerset Rebels
Swindon Robins
Workington Comets
Contracted to
First started Speedway
When I was 13, an ex-rider, Brian van Eerde, asked if I would like to have a go at a junior bike and it all went from there really.
Stuha Chassis and GM Engines
The man, the legend that is Joe Haines
Favourite Speedway Moment
Probably 2013 season as a whole. I won the Premier League with Somerset, and the Elite League with Poole. Also won the Premier League Knockout Cup with Somerset and Premier League Best Pairs title with Doyley (Jason Doyle).
Favourite Tracks
Worst Track
Theres tracks I dislike but nothing that stands out
Most Respected Riders
Sporting Hero
James stewart, motocross rider never gives up and has an awesome style
Biggest Influence
My Dad
Honours (Multi Discipline)
2013 Elite League Champions (Poole Pirates)
2013 Premier League Champions (Somerset Rebels)
2011 Premier League Champions (Glasgow Tigers)
2013 Premier League Knockout Cup (Somerset Rebels)
2013 Premier League Best Pairs Champions (with Jason Doyle)
2016 Premier League Best Pairs Champions (with Rohan Tungate)
2016 Premier League Cup Winners (Somerset)
4 x Australian Champion
3 x 3rd place finishes in Australian Championship
13 x Queensland Champion
Worst Injury
I’d have to say my Femur the biggest bone in your body, the pain was immense.
Are you superstitious ?
Not in the slightest (fingers crossed !)